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Luke class for midweek January 6

For this week, please read Luke Chapter 22:39-71 & Chapter 23 in advance of class if you can. Below are suggested discussion questions.

Luke 22:41-44. Jesus prayed for the Father to remove the cup of suffering, but submitted his will to God. What does God expect of us where it is hard to submit to His will?

Luke 22:56-62. Peter denied Jesus three times, went out and wept bitterly. Yet later Peter would preach bold sermons and lead the early church. What encourages us to overcome past failures and know we can serve God now and in the future?

Luke 23:34. Jesus prayed for God to forgive those who crucified him. What can we do to forgive others?

Luke 23:46. Jesus put his hope in God even at the point of death. What hope do we have from God no matter what happens?

Regarding Contribution for Sunday, Wednesday Benevolence

The church has done a great job with the contribution through the pandemic.   Praise be to God!

For contribution, we continue to encourage everyone who can to use online giving. This includes Sunday tithe and Midweek benevolence.  For Web Giving, go to   For text giving:  404 800-7414.  Be sure to specify which category by using the following codes:  For Sunday tithe, the codes are Give, Contro, or Sunday Tithe.  For Midweek Benevolence, the codes are Midweek or Benev.

For anyone who cannot use online giving, you can still give by check.  We cannot accept cash at this time.

For instructions on where to send checks, please check the emails sent from the church.



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