Laying a foundation for young Christians

Be anchored in the word of God.  As the journey begins we are excited to learn the promises of God.  This is an opportunity to further your understanding of the word of God and to become Anchored.

Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them.

Matthew 5:1-2



Class #1 Feb.24th Everyone introduce themselves.

  • Introduction to the Beatitudes. (Mary Fields)
  • Questions and sharing

Class #2 March 24th Blessed are the poor in spirit. * (Sherry Rouse)

  • Seeing God and ourselves in relationship with Him truthfully.

Class #3 April 28th Blessed are those who mourn. *

  • Being vulnerable and dealing with sin. Times of refreshing.

Class #4 May 26th Blessed are the meek. *

  • Heart of a child/being teachable. Imitating Jesus Phil. 2:1-10.

Class #5 June 23rd Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. * (Dorci Richards)

  • Drawing closer to God. Bible study and prayer, etc.

Class #6 July 28th Blessed are the merciful. *

  • Showing kindness and a non-judgmental spirit

Class #7 August 25th Blessed are the pure in heart. (Julie Fields)

  • Motivation and purity of speech, thought and actions.

Class #8 Sept. 22nd Blessed are the peacemakers. *

  • Sharing God’s peace with others. Sharing our faith.

Class #9 Oct. 27th Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness
sake. *

  • Joy in the face of hardship and opposition/David and Goliath.

Class #10 Nov. 17 Summarize what we’ve learned from the Beatitudes. Sharing.

Class #11 Dec. 22nd TBA